When you think you know yourself…

Normally I search Google for books until something interesting pops up. I’m sure I’ve wasted a thousand hours of my life trying to find the next book. Ok… that might be a slight exaggeration but it’s still a lot of time I could’ve spent doing productive things. Like reading or dreaming about Disney. Any-who, I decided to set up a Goodreads account. Hoping I’ll get enough recommendations from the site and you lovely people that I’ll waste less time on Google and more time reading wonderful books.

Up until about 3 years ago, I hated reading (Gasp!). Now I can’t go a day without reading 3-4 chapters. That being said I thought I really knew what kind of books I love, YA. Well, Goodreads asks you to pick your favorite genres and rate 20 books you’ve read. I immediately chose YA and then fantasy, romance, science fiction, etc. Out of the 20 books I rated, almost half came from fantasy, not YA. So now I’m second guessing everything I thought I knew about myself.

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