Earth Day at EPCOT…

Happy Earth Day 2018 everyone! Now I’m not exactly IN Epcot…but I can pretend right?! This year marks the 25th Annual International Flower and Garden Festival in Disney’s Epcot.


Let’s explore the 5 W’s of the festival…

What is the International Flower and Garden Festival?

  • Every spring Disney’s Epcot holds an event that focuses on flowers and gardening (see the name).

When is the International Flower and Garden Festival?

  • This year’s event takes place February 28 – May 28.

Who can go to the International Flower and Garden Festival?

  • Like most things, Disney has made this a family friendly event and everyone can find something to do/see.

Where is the International Flower and Garden Festival?

  • This is an event strictly for Epcot but you will see the festival is not dedicated to one part of the park. The festival stretches from future world to the American pavilion on the other side of the park.

Why go to the International Flower and Garden Festival?

  • These are some of the things you will see and experience throughout the festival:
    • Topiaries
      • Throughout the whole park you will see over 100 topiaries Disney has made just for this festival. From Belle and the Beast in France to Rafiki near Africa and Pooh and Friends in England.
      • Every year they bring out their favorites (like Mickey and Minnie) and they also offer new additions to the mix.
        • You can see a complete list of the topiaries here on blogmickey.com.   2015-05-17 18.29.48 HDR2015-05-17 18.32.082015-05-17 18.43.22
    • Outdoor Kitchens
      • Our favorite time of year to go to Disney is during the Food and Wine Festival which takes place during the Fall. It offers small bites and select wines or beers at each country as well as some “pop ups” just for the festival. Due to the popularity of this festival, Disney has brought something similar to the International Flower and Garden Festival.
      • This year you can enjoy a selection from 15 different stations. As part of the festival each station offers food grown locally in Florida.
      • One of my favorites is the Lamb Chop at The Berry Basket.

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    • Gardens and kids play areas
      • Are you concerned this event is strictly for adults? Don’t worry there are many different activities for kids as well.
        • New this year is a maze in Future World which is also an interactive garden.
        • You can make a butterfly house in Future World
        • You can also rest while kids are able to explore the Cars garden, themed around Cars 3.
        • One of my favorite things to see is the Butterfly Pavilion! EPCOT_EPCOT_20170227_7963556072
    • Tours
      • I have not had the privilege of attending any of these tours but these are tours only offered during this festival…
        • Gardens of the World
          • During this 3 hour tour you will get to go behind the scenes of how the topiaries and gardens are made, see the landscaping techniques used throughout Disney World and how you can apply those techniques to your own home.
        • English Tea Garden Presented by Twinings of London
          • This 20 minute tour is short and sweet. You will get to tour the tea garden in England and learn behind the scenes secrets on how Disney blends and grows their herbs.
        • Royal Tea Garden Tour
          • This 45 minute tour is slightly more in depth of the one above. You will get to sample teas and learn about the history behind growing and blending herbs to get those teas.  At the end of the tour you will be served scones and tea at the Rose and Crown Dining Room.
        • Behind the Seeds
          • This tour is available year round but is a great tour to take during the festival.
          • This hour tour will take you through 4 different greenhouses behind the Land in Epcot where you will see how Disney grows the food you eat on property.
      • You can read more about these tours here.
    • Concerts
      • Many nights during the festival they offer live concerts at the American Pavilion. They call it the Garden Rocks Concert Series. This year you can see Smash Mouth, Rick Springfield, Lonestar, the Village People, and Survivor, just to name a few.
      • One of my favorite memories was seeing Plain White T’s with my husband during the festival.
      • To see the full lineup for this year you can go to Disney’s website here.


So, do you want to see the International Flower and Garden Festival now? Have you been? What is your favorite part of the festival?



  • Sorcerer

    Great Article. Made me both feel like I was there and miss being there. Great pictures too. EPCOT is and always has been my favorite park.

    • Anna

      I especially love it now that I’m older and I can appreciate it more. Being able to “travel the world” in one day… 💙

      • Sorcerer

        Yes. As a child I was all about Future World. Now, having seen some of the World Showcase countries for real and appreciating the atmosphere and food in the countries, I love the whole park even more.

  • Kathy

    I love to see all the flowers they have floating in the ponds and waterways at EPCOT! Just stunning.

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