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Disney Friday! On Property Perks


Happy Friday! Am I the only one who thought this week was abnormally long? I’m so excited it’s the weekend.

This week’s Disney Friday question:

Why would I want to pay more to stay on property?

Walt Disney World is expensive. There’s no beating around the bush on that fact. Most people are looking to cut back on cost and one of the ways most people think they can do that is by staying off property. While this is technically true (in some cases), by staying off property you will lose out on perks offered only to on property guests. Now you’re probably thinking…Perks? What perks?

Well hold on to your butts because I’m about to tell you!



  • Disney’s transportation starts well before you actually arrive in Orlando, FL. When staying on property you have the option to receive luggage tags which will cause your bags to magically appear in your hotel room. Ok, you do have to put the luggage tag on the bag and you have to check it in at the airport, but that’s it! As soon as you check in for your flight and hand your bags over to the nice ticket counter people, you don’t have to worry about them until you get to your hotel room to unpack.
  • This brings me to my next point. Staying on property means you can sign up for the Magical Express. This bus will be your transportation to and from the airport. It has no additional cost which means you don’t have to rent a car (Saving Money!).
  • Now that doesn’t mean you’ll be out of luck while going from park to park. Disney has buses specifically for resort guest. These buses will travel throughout your resort and will take you to all the places Disney has to offer. EPCOT, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, the waterparks and even Disney Springs. This means you never have to pay for parking (again Saving Money!).


Extra Magic Hours

  • Extra Magic hours are exclusive for on property guests. This means almost every day a park can open and hour early or close an hour (or more) later. Why is this important? An extra hour of magic obviously! It also means for that hour (or more) the park isn’t as busy as normal because less people are in the parks. This means less wait times, better picture opportunities (None of those pictures where there is a random person in the background making a strange face, when finally everyone in your family is smiling or not blinking – seriously those are the worst), it also gives you more time to get into the park and get acclimated to everything before too many people make you flustered.
  • Now you may be thinking… “How would they know if I’m staying on property? There’s no way they could figure that out.” Umm it’s Disney, they know everything. JK, when you enter the park or go on a ride you will scan your Magic Band (see below) and it will tell the cast member if you are really staying on property.

Magic Bands

  • A Magic Band is a band that you wear on your wrist (think a watch band without the clock). The band can hold various information and when you stay on property it holds a lot of information.
    • It is your room key, your fast pass holder, your park pass and it can even hold a credit card number which you can use to charge back to your room (Warning: Do not give the code out to children – Unless of course you’re ok with them buying everything in the stores then, by all means, give them the code).
  • Everyone (on property or off) has the option of getting a Magic Band. On property guests get them for free, off property guests have to buy them.
  • Now off property guests can still use the Magic Bands but you will have to buy the band and then get it programmed. On property guests? Your bands will arrive in the mail to your home before you even leave for the airport already programmed with all your information with the exception of your room card (your room might not be available when you arrive since check-in is at 4). Important: You must finish customizing your bands before a certain date otherwise your bands will be waiting for you at check in. That’s right on property guests can customize their band with their name and their favorite color. My favorite band? Blue.

Park to Hotel Purchase Transfer

  • I’m a shopper. No matter how many times I go to Disney I always find something (more like 50 somethings) I want to buy. But I would hate to have to carry it around all day! What if it breaks? What if I forget it on a ride? What if it gets lost? On property guests do not have to worry about that! Most on site shops will allow you to send your purchases to your resort where you can pick them up or have them delivered right to your hotel room. This gives you a hands free/worry free day.



If I have you hooked, then don’t worry, I’ll be sure to talk about all your resort options next week.

Now of course it is completely your choice where you stay but there’s a certain magic about staying on property. It’s like being a part of an exclusive club and knowing all the secrets. Unfortunately, you won’t know what I’m talking about until you do it for yourself. (What are you waiting for?!) While the prices might be higher, I think the perks more than make up for it.


So those of you that have gone to Disney do you stay on property? What’s your favorite resort? If you haven’t gone, are you more likely to stay on or off property?



  • Jesica

    I loveee staying in a disney hotel!! I have only tried the one in hongkong, but I’m trying to save for paris now ahah! x

    • Anna

      There’s nothing like staying on Disney property. It’s such a unique and magical experience. I would love to see Disney HongKong! I was so bummed I never go to see the one in Paris. I’m sure when you go you’ll have a great time!

    • Anna

      I’ve had a lot of people in my life ask me questions about Disney and I love talking about it. And there’s so much information it’s hard to keep it all straight. So I want to spread the knowledge lol.

  • Nancy

    Disney is expensive but they know how to give you a magical time. They don’t mess around with the transportation! It is pretty cool that guests get to enjoy the park earlier – beating the rest of the crowd! I go to Disneyland in Cali almost every weekend but haven’t stayed in the property yet. Definitely on my to-do list :).

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

    • Anna

      I’ve actually never been to Disneyland in CA but if the hotels are anything like the ones in FL you won’t be disappointed!

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