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Top 10 Snacks at Walt Disney World

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic week. I’m going to keep this weeks Disney Friday short and sweet. The next couple weeks I’ll talk about my favorite dining options at Disney World. Today? My favorite snacks… 

Dole Whip


  • I’m a little biased (Blog Name) but this is without a doubt my favorite snack in all of Disney. It’s a pineapple ice cream which you can get as a float (with pineapple juice) or just the ice cream in a cup. You also have the option of getting a pineapple wedge. 21+ There’s also an option to add rum which is quite delicious!

Mickey Ice Cream Bar


  • There’s just something about eating an ice cream bar covered in chocolate, shaped like Mickey’s head.

Joffrey’s Giant Doughnut 


  • You can find these doughnuts at any of the 4 parks. However, I always seem to get one at the same stand in Hollywood Studios. With a cup of Joffrey’s iced coffee, this is one of the best snacks in all of Disney.



  • Now I know I can get Starbucks anywhere. However, the Starbucks in Disney World accepts snack credits if you are on a dining plan. Any size coffee.



  • There’s just something about eating popcorn while watching the fireworks over Cinderella’s Castle.

Triple Chocolate Cake


  • This chocolate cake is my husbands favorite snack in all of Disney and I can definitely understand why. It’s rich and creamy. Plus it even has Mickey sprinkles!



  • You can find a crepe stand in EPCOT in the France section of the World Showcase. They offer plain, sugar, chocolate, and strawberry preserves as toppings for the crepes. They also have soft serve ice cream at the stand so I tend to get my crepe with strawberry preserves or chocolate but also with ice cream.

Giant Pretzel 

Disney-Pretzel-Germany-3-400x267You can find Mickey pretzels all over the Disney World property. They are absolutely delicious! However, you will only find a giant pretzel like this one in EPCOT in the Germany section of the World Showcase. When you get one, make sure to get an Ocktoberfest beer to go with it.

Specialty Cupcake


  • Disney’s bakers are always on duty. You can find a wide range of pastries at a variety of stores around Disney. One of my favorite options are the specialty cupcakes you can see here. These are from Halloween, however, they make them all year round for different holidays and seasons.

Caramel Apple


  • These are one of most popular options around Disney. You can get them in many different themes. They’re almost too cute to eat…almost.


Ok, I promise I eat more than sweets when I go to Disney. But let’s be honest, rarely is an apple better than chocolate cake or a Mickey Ice Cream bar. There are thousands of options to pick from when choosing a snack in Disney. You can find a full list HERE.

Do any of these look good to you? If you’ve been, what’s your favorite snack in Disney? 



  • jenn @ Bound to Writing

    Next time I go to Disney, I need to try Dole Whip! I forgot about it on my last trip and I’ve regretted it ever since. I love the chocolate cake! It’s funny because my favorite Disney snack is apples with caramel dip. I have a craving for it every time I’m there. Haha.

    • admin

      You definitely need to try Dole Whip. It’s absolutely fantastic lol. I need the recipe to that chocolate cake. There’s just something about it! You really can’t go wrong with apples and caramel haha

  • Tanya

    It looks delicious and incredibly unhealthy! I haven’t been able to find giant pretzels in a long time. Is anything at Disney vegan?

    • admin

      The pretzels have become hit or miss lately which is so sad! I know they are trying to make more vegan options. I’m not vegan but did actually notice some when I was there in September. They’re pretty good about offering options for everyone.

  • Dani @ Perspective of a Writer

    Omo! Now I know why you used the Dole whip in your title Anna!! SOOO YUMMY looking and I love pineapple. I feel like I need a trip to Disney to give that a go… and I also love the mickey carmel apples… I agree so adorable, almost too good to eat! ❤️ Yum!

    • admin

      There’s so much food there it’s crazy. The chocolate cake is so good! Not moussey but really rich 💙

  • Hels

    I’ve not been to any Disney park in years, I don’t remember any of the snacks, but we want to take our toddler at some point and I will definitely be checking out these places! I love crepes and those cupcakes look incredible! Gorgeous photos!
    Hels xx

  • Bexa

    Wow, everything looks SO GOOD! I could eat that huge pink doughnut right now 😍. The triple chocolate cake with Micky sprinkles sounds delicious! I can’t choose a favourite, I could eat it all 😂💖 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

    • admin

      Haha it was so hard to pick just 10! I could’ve written a book just on snacks I love in Disney.

    • admin

      I couldn’t agree more! I have no idea how I don’t gain 50+lbs every time I go there. It must be all the walking because I actually seem to lose weight Haha

  • Beth

    I’ve heard a lot about the Dole Whip from several people. The next time I go to Disney, I’m trying one.

    • Anna

      I don’t want to jinx it but if you like pineapple you definitely won’t be disappointed lol.

  • Rachel

    I keep hearing so many great things about the Dole Whip but have yet to try it! Popcorn’s always my go-to snack at Disney 🙂

  • Becky @ Disney in your Day

    I love so many Disney snacks! I have a list of all the things I want to try, but then I also want to go back to my favorites too. But my all time favorite, which I will get every time I’m in Magic Kingdom, is the Citrus Swirl. I love it!

    • Anna

      I love the citrus swirl too!! It’s like a dreamsicle. I like pineapple slightly better which is why I go for the Dole Whip. I always have the best intentions of trying something new but you’re totally right… It’s just too hard to deviate from the favorites 😂

  • adriana

    Now I’m craving a Disney trip! The Dole Whip will forever be my favorite! Sooo good!

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