Welcome! This is my blog Dole Whip and Books and I’m Anna.

Here I’ll talk about all the wonderful (or not so wonderful) books I’ve read, am reading, or want to read. I’ll tackle my never ending TBR and hopefully convince you to read some of the books I found most enjoyable. I hope to gain some new recommendations from you, my fellow readers, because I’m always willing to add books to my overflowing bookshelves. I don’t think life is complete unless you have a book with you at all times.

Life is full of twist and turns and ups and downs.

This blog will be a journey of how I handle life and everything thrown at me. Including my fight with anxiety and depression. Hopefully, this blog will be able to help you overcome any obstacles you might have or if anything, give you a laugh as I tell you about all my mistakes. 

Oh, and I will make plenty of those. 

All my life I’ve wish to travel the world as a full time career. I mean who wouldn’t? While I’m not an superstar traveller (is that a thing?) this blog will feature all the places I’ve been and the places I want to go. You’ll also find tips and tricks for how I travel.

As a frequent Disney visitor, I often get asked a lot of questions in regard to “how to do Disney”. So, here you will find answers to those questions and the best ways to do Disney in my opinion.

I’m living in the frozen tundra that is Wisconsin with my husband and fur baby, Milo. I read and write, I love to travel and see the world. My home is Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida and I am willing to talk about it to anyone all day, everyday. I am far from athletic but I love watching baseball. I’m an event planner who is always willing to help with tips and tricks for planning the perfect event. Starting multiple craft projects and never finishing them is kind of my thing. Oh, and I might have a slight addiction to coffee. This is my blog and I hope you love it as much as I do!

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