Review Policy

Review Policy:
I am currently accepting books to review. I will accept Kindle, PDF or Physical copies. My preferred choice would be a physical copy of the book but I know that is not always an option so I will take an ebook format.
The genres I will accept are Fiction, YA, Thriller, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Dystopian or Paranormal. If you would like me to review something outside of those genres I will read the excerpt and if it is something I think I would be interested in I will try and review it for you. However, life is to short to read something you don’t like so I will not try and force myself to finish it if I can’t get through the first couple chapters. Besides, you would probably prefer someone who enjoys the genre of your book to give a review.
I am taking reviews on a first come first serve basis. No exceptions.
I stated above I usually rate high but I will NOT guarantee a 5 star review. My reviews are my honest opinions. If I love the book I will rate it accordingly. If I did not then I will rate it and give constructive criticism.
If I cannot finish a book (for any reason) I will contact you and let you know the reason and I’ll provide any feedback I can give.
I will post my review on here (my blog), Amazon, Goodreads and anywhere else you would like it posted. I connect all my blog posts through Twitter so the review will also go through there. If possible I will connect with you as well.